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Temperature Controlled Storage Units in Houston, TX

This part of Texas is known for the heat we experience in the summer, and some of your belongings you just wouldn’t want to leave outside all summer long. In fact, there are some things you probably wouldn’t even leave in your garage. Some items are just too sensitive to be left out in the heat. Plastic and metal materials can be especially sensitive, and extreme temperatures can cause items to warp, melt, fade, and even rust. That’s why temperature control is so important!

A temperature controlled unit keeps your belongings at a constant temperature all year, no matter what is going on outside with the weather. This creates an environment that is much more stable than your garage and helps you avoid a broad range of damages. Nations Storage offers temperature control at a highly affordable price. Our prices are so low for these units, it’s too good to pass up! Consider renting one of our temperature controlled units today to protect your belongings while they’re being stored - you won’t regret it!

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